Introducing: Canopy Climbers


Living in three different cities and having to write n record over the internet in the cloud to each other can’t be easy, but that’s what the three friends who make-up Canopy Climbers do. During the creative process they will send their work-in-progress back and forth to each other until they feel its perfected and having listened to their debut single ‘Stuck’ and upcoming single ‘Always’ the fact they are not locked up in a studio together as no bearing on the quality they produce.

Describing their sound as “heavenly alt-electronic pop” they create fun filled music that you will want to listen to again and again. Upcoming single ‘Always’ has a prolonged chorus that became transfixed into my brain after 2-listens and ‘Stuck’ is a dance-floor filler waiting to happen.

I think the fact they live far and wide and they don’t get to do the rounds on the gig circuit is the reason they have slipped under the radar slightly, but they are three very talented individuals and I am looking forward to getting my hands on a copy of their new album ‘Miles’ which is due for release on June 18.