Introducing: Velociraptor – Walk on By


On the face of it Velociraptor do catchy Indie-rock (which is true) and nothing seems too different about them except for one thing; they are a 12-piece (I’m more accustomed to a 3-4 piece when it comes to Indie) who hail from Brisbane, Australia.

On first listen to Walk on By, it sounded like they have taken a lot of their inspiration from the Brit-Pop scene and more recently bands like Hot Hot Heat n The Vaccines.

Walk on By is brilliant, its catchy, it’s fun and it is everything that” Indie” should be.

UK dates are low on the ground at the minute, but they are due to be at Brighton’s ‘Great Escape Festival’ in May.

Velociraptor  EP is out on May 20, 2013.